Friday, June 17, 2016

The E3 Vita sizzle reel Sony dared not show!

Sorry for the tabloid title, but how much would it have hurt Sony to have shown a 2 minute clip of some Vita games? That's despite a great year of releases so far, and a fairly healthy list stretching into 2017. Instead, thanks to Sony's bullshit, all we get out of E3 is the the usual "Vita is dead" stories, and confused gamers less likely to bother buying one.

Cheers Sony, thanks for nothing. However, the community isn't ready to let the Vita fade into the night. Here's a cool unofficial sizzle reel showing off some of the goodies to come, and the truth is it could include many more games!

Thanks to 2 old 4 gaming for putting it together! I wonder how long before Sony hits it with some crappy DCMA takedown, heaven forbid anyone should promote the Vita!

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