Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Retro shooters raid Kickstarter for funds

With the news that Super Icon's Best Buds vs Bad Guys has an official Vita stretch goal, things are on a tear for retro arcade game and shooters on Kickstarter at the moment.

Hewson Consultants (yep, them from the 8-bit days) are back with a homage to Uridium called Hyper Sentinel which launches on Kickstarter this Friday, nothing apart from a PC edition is listed yet but it looks like a Vita version would be a great fit.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter is live with a 60K console stretch, will ask exactly what that means, there are mobile versions planned, so a Vita version should be doable.

Slightly more modern is Japanese R-Type inspired game Xydonia has a long list of stretch goals down to the 3DS, which suggests a Vita version might be next. It is half way to its base goal after just one day, so there's high hopes that this might raise a ton of money. UPDATE: The Breaking Bytes development team have confirmed they are interested in more stretch goals, so watch this space!

As ever, politely nudge the developers to express your interest in a Vita version, and after the miracle of Adventures of Mana, we'll see what happens.

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