Monday, June 6, 2016

One Piece Burning Blood dies on its arse at retail

Ouch, the only sign of Bandai's latest is sneaking into the laughably weak UK retail Vita chart. One Piece Burning Blood can't quite topple Minecraft off the top, but at least it made an appearance, as neither the Xbox One or PS4 versions show up on any chart - weird! And overall, it only crept into the top 40 at No. 37.

Hopefully it will show up better on digital sales, will update with the PSN Vita Top Sellers when that show's this week's data. Then again, it only has three ratings, which doesn't sound like massive sales compared to Downwell's 140!

Otherwise Amazon's Amazon Best Sellers list for Vita is a whole bunch of jumbled with Persona 4 DAN the only recent game in the top 10, and God Eater 2 pre-orders ticking over nicely. One Piece is down at 18 for Vita and only no. 89 on PS4, which suggests Bandai screwed up its marketing or nobody likes One Piece brawlers that much.

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  1. I was interested only in One Piece Pirate Warriors, but only because it was developed by Omega Force..