Thursday, June 9, 2016

Akiba's Beat is Groundhog Day Meets ARPG mashup central

At first glance, in the first reveal trailer, I thought Akiba's Beat had gone all Digimon. Now, looking at the first in-game screens, it appears to have borrowed bits from the Persona and Tales of games, perhaps even a hint of Dancing All Night.

The plot revolves around our heroes, with headphones glued to their ears, stuck in a revolving day with a mysterious pink-coated character causing temporal and dimensional havoc in Akiba. Definitely no sign of panty stripping here. The rifts are caused delusions and the usual battles ensue when the team stray over the borders of reality.

No matter how Acquire paints it, this is a big rip-off, only tenuously based on the original Akiba titles. Still, it looks good and if it plays well, bring it on.

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