Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Steins Gate Zero listings appear in the west

Hmmm, PQube is promising big news for the upcoming ComicCom London event and now Spanish sites are putting up placeholders for Steins Gate Zero. All just as I've finished off Virtue's Last Reward! What good timing.

Another Update: And now it is official...
Update: If PQube won't confirm it, other retailers will, with Rice Digital offering posters and pre-orders in the UK! That comes with a 2016 date and physical release.

It is not hard to wonder what all that could be about? Given the huge success and interest in Steins Gate in 2015, the last Vita game to crack the all formats chart, the likelihood of the sequel arriving is pretty high. So, get polishing your microwave and stock up on bananas! Guess I ought to Platinum this original so I'm fully prepared.

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