Thursday, May 12, 2016

Minecraft Vita has sold a million in Japan

With boxed sales at over 750,000 according to Media Create, some basic maths says that 250,000 copies (at least) have been downloaded, as Japan celebrates the portable version of Mojang's block building fun-fest hitting the million mark.

The game got a physical release months after the digital launch, so the red bars will be boxed sales, which have kept the game in the Japanese top 10 pretty much since launch. Congrats to Mojang, although Sony must be furious that someone is showing positive Vita sales figures!

Note, these are Famitsu numbers, which put sales at 1,001,468 by the end of April. The PS3 and PS4 versions have sold around 644,000 between them. Apparently this if the first Vita game to hit a million in Japan, so it probably gets a nice Sony award at the end of year - not bad for a Microsoft game :)

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