Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shovel Knight sold around 50K on Vita

Its very rare we get a sales data point for a Vita game to chew over, but on a post for Gamasutra, developers Yacht Club Games are celebrating reaching over a million sales with some detailed information. Congratulations to the team!

In around a year since Shovel Knight arrived on Vita, it has sold 4% of the 1.2 million copies sold, which is around 48,000. Not bad for a game that was out on Nintendo and PC for some time previously and got physical releases on other formats. That's more than the PS3 version and almost on a par with Xbox One.

UPDATE: Shovel Knight is now onsale on the US PSN for $10 for one week, with a Vita theme due out next week. No sign of a price cut in Europe, yet. UPDATE to the UPDATE: EU price now £7.99

Another unrelated fact, since Shovel Knight arrived on the EU PSN, 95 more games have been released for the Vita, which isn't bad for a niche platform.

With Shovel Knight still growing as the team work through other Kickstarter goals, it'd be good to see the game get a boost with the promised upcoming sale. Shovel Knight has rarely been discounted, so hopefully the team have made a decent return. If you've missed out, then do grab it as the game is a world of peculiar fun!

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