Thursday, April 21, 2016

First Toukiden 2 footage to air on Sunday

Check back on Sunday for a live stream, when Tecmo will show off the latest batch of heroic voice acting talent. It will also unveil the first Vita footage from the demo of Toukiden 2 to the world. At least it is on YouTube and not the crappy NicoNico!

Famitsu has the art/renders and photos of the characters and their voice artists.

UPDATE: Okay, so the video was only shown in 360p and its the usual gurning, grinning idiots on presentation duties, but somewhere in the 90-minute show is some Vita footage of the game (around the 1 hour 10 minute mark I'm guessing). Basically impossible to categorically tell how good or bad it is until we get better quality, but slow and chugging were the first two words that came to mind.

Further update: Most fans seem to think the move to open world has killed the Vita version. With an end of June release data, Tecmo has little chance to improve the Vita performance, with feeble draw distance just one concern. What do you think?

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