Thursday, April 7, 2016

Attack on Titan heads west

Having seen the series on Netflix, I now understand what all those grim trailers for the Japanese release were all about! Just as well, as a western release is confirmed for the summer. Releasing on all formats including the Vita, it gets a name tweak to A.O.T Wings of Freedom, presumably to sound less sci-fi.

The plot concerns humanity hiding behind massive walls to keep out the lumbering, people-eating, titans. When they break through its up to the scouts, who ping about on wires and grapnels to attack their only weakspot, the back of the neck.

My main concern has to be the speed and control of the characters, given the Vita's ageing specification and the visual whizz of the PS4 version. Hopefully a decent balance has been struck. All the press pics are from the big screen version, so I'll ignore them for now.
Hopefully there is also a lot less shouting than in the manga, I mean it never stopped with angsty psychopaths bawling at each other for half an episode in between the cool set pieces. Then again, we're getting a subtitled version only, so may have to put up with that emoting! Anyway, here's the new logo and a teaser trailer.

:Looks like a digital release only, shame as I'd love a LE with one of the characters, but them's the breaks!

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