Tuesday, March 22, 2016

XCOM invades the EU PSN

Surprise, XCOM has landed on the PS Vita, bringing one of Microprose's legendary tactical combat series to Sony's handheld. But the way it just sort of appeared kind of has me worried. If a game like Laser Disco Defender can get a PSN blog post, then why not something as big as XCOM? Perhaps a trailer, a press release, anything?

This stealth arrival instantly has people worried that its a really crappy port, shoveled over by 2K. Then again, this is the company that's taking ages to get Civilization over, so there is hope. Just not much for a company that still lists the PSP on its site, but not the Vita. 

To be fair, judging by the few early clips of it in action, it does look okay, as a port of the iPad game (I think). The voice quality sounds reasonable, given some Vita games get cursed with horribly compressed sound. The game is 2.2GB and doesn't run on PS TV due to the heavy touchscreen requirements. More soon!

Updated with longer video... Also, Sony confirmed that other part of Take 2's Double Whammy, Civilization II Revolution will be out next week! 

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  1. nice coverage! appreciate what you do for the vita community