Monday, February 8, 2016

Promote the Vita and your games with #PSVitaShare

PS4 owners have it so easy, they press the share button on their DualShock and a screenshot of their latest gaming exploit turns up on Twitter, or a video on Twitch or YouTube. That clip automatically uses the #PS4Share has tag.

Why Sony couldn't integrate screenshot sharing on the Vita is a mystery. Most games can play with the LiveTweet app in the background. However, it is pretty easy to do it manually.

Not only can it show followers what you're playing, but glossy Vita screens can flow around Twitter to help boost the portable's profile (Yes, its a shame they are not PNGs, something else Sony could sort in the firmware but can't be bothered).
Of course, this assumes Sony doesn't remove support for the LiveTweet app in the next firmware update! Until then, here's how to do Vita tweetshooting with minimal fuss.
  • Play your game
  • Take screenshot (Start and PS Button)
  • Minimise game, Go to LiveTweet
  • One time only you need to type in #PSVitaShare (in future, just attach Hashtags and it will appear at the top). 
  • Then add your latest screen via the attach icon and perhaps a little caption. 
  • Send tweet, then go back to your game and repeat. 

Within in a few goes, you can be back in your game in around 15 seconds. Note, that some newer games don't allow app switching, but you can always batch grab some screens and send them out later over time, no spamming now!
So, whatever your next new game is, why not show the world a little of it and spread some Vita love in the process. You could also hashtag #VitaIsland and the name of the game or the Twitter address of the publisher to let them know you enjoy their game! 

If you follow #PSVitaShare, some folks are doing this already, I'm not claiming ownership, just making a social suggestion! That said, feel free to share and retweet this to get some action going! If you don't want to take part, but want to see what's going on, just bookmark that search and dip in and out to see what people are playing.

Who knows, tweetshooting could have you snapping up a PS TV, a HD capture unit and becoming the next GadgetGirlKylie on YouTube!