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Monday, February 1, 2016

Avengers beats Legend of Heroes in UK Vita chart battle

Yep, two actual retail games came out for the Vita last week, prompting something of an upheaval at the top of the UK chart.

Lego Marvel Avengers grabbed the Vita chart number one spot. As you'd expect, the bunch of super heroes should beat down a group of grumpy, status obsessed, students in any battle. However, Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel (Review) comes a creditable second.

The available on every device imaginable Avengers hits the No. 1 spot in the all-formats chart too, but Vita exclusive Legend of Heroes also manages to creep in at No. 38 in the Full Price chart.

Borderlands 2 seems to have had a good run in recent weeks, dragging it back into the top five, while the usual suspects still lurk.

1. Lego Marvel Avengers Warner
2. LoH: Trails of Cold Steel Falcom
3. Minecraft 4J Studios
4. Borderlands 2 Iron Galaxy
5. FIFA 15 EA Sports.

The Amazon Top Sellers looks pretty similar, but with Persona 4 Golden in the top instead of Borderlands, showing the enduring quality of the game.

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