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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Volition was working on a Saints Row PSP game

Its funny all the stuff leaking out of those office archives. Eurogamer has reported on a Volition worker who found a Saints Row PSP early demo that never saw the light of day, as the publisher didn't think it could match the standards of the series.

Considering RockStar managed two GTA titles on the PSP, perhaps Volition, or the unnamed developer it got to do the work, just didn't have the coding chops back in 2009. I wonder what else is lurking in dev units buried in the back of desks and cupboards around the dev scene!

Fun-looking Tribal Isle from Fresh3D was another game cut down before its prime, can you think of any more? There was suppoed to be an Elder Scrolls game - wonder how far that got?

Similarly, how many Vita games have been pushed aside because publishers have been scared off of putting any funds into developer as Sony abandoned its own console?

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