Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Vita sales continue strong over Japan's holiday

Vita sales in Japan continue hot as the Vita and Vita TV combine for over 64,400 sales over the last week of their holiday. That's according to the latest Media Create data. I'll put these in 2016, even though the date period covers 28 Dec - 3 Jan.

Minecraft starts the year as the strongest Vita title, selling another 48,000 copies at No. 6. Mobile Suit Gundam EXtreme Vs Force sells another 20,000 but drops to No. 12.

With not much out over the next couple of weeks, things will inevitably dive for a few weeks until Odin's Sphere arrives on the 14th and a strong series of releases through the rest of winter. Will the Vita hit a million sales again in 2016? There are definitely enough games to keep it rolling well over the year.

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