Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Vita firmware downgrade, 3.57 in the works

Yep, Sony continues to strip features from the Vita (and the PSTV & PS3 to be fair) at a slow crawl. This week's new firmware downdate removes support for the Facebook app - no great loss - and Facebook links. If it frees up some extra power for games, then yay! Otherwise, is there really any point?

UPDATE: Now Live, don't all rush at once!

So, carry on about your business, although it is still staggering to think that at no point did Sony think of adding the screenshot sharing as a direct feature (rather than doing it via manual labour).

Hopefully they will continue to support the Twitter app which I use a fair bit! The update hits Japan on the 20th, so may be out later today on western systems.

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