Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Big Fest opens its gates this week

Sony ain't afraid of no marketing! With not even a PS blog post, From out of Nowhere, here comes Big Fest for the Vita, dropped on users like an unsuspecting piece of Cherry Pie. Presumably the last first party title for the flying V, it has OntheMetal down as developers, who have next to no history.

UPDATE: Okay, Sony finally put up a blog post! Note, the game is not PS TV compatible, also it seems to be having early server issues, so check before you download.

Somewhere between Theme Park and Download Festival, Big Fest helps you build you own events, promote bands, add all the entertainment extras to keep the Youth Gone Wild happy.

Now a Vita exclusive, get ready to be Thunderstruck, hopefully! If this is Sony's idea of Christmas for handheld gamers, then umm, Thanks for the Memories? I think!

For £7.99 (not free to play as previously mentioned by Sony) it is probably worth it. Given the long development time, something good must have driven it to completion. Hopefully it won't leave a taste of Bad Medicine in gamer's mouths.

The use of unsigned bands to promote might have been a cool idea, but given the Vita's nicheness, it'll probably have all the impact of a festival hot dog.

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