Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Strange goings on in Vita pricing land

I don't know who sets the rules, but prices of Vita consoles on Amazon UK have suddenly shot up to around the £220 mark. Compare that to Amazon US where a Vita is $169 for Prime customers (£112 plus any import taxes, shipping or just get a US relative or friend to post it as a present!). It is cheaper to pick one of the import models from Japan.

That ignores the price slashes to PlayStation TV, which Sony seem to be trying to give away!

UPDATE: Yep, all of a sudden prices are back down to the £175-£189 mark, but expect more discounts to come.

 So, what's going on here? Is Sony ramping up the EU RRP price (if it can?) to wring out the last of the profits from the Vita?

Is Amazon punting the prices up, so it can claim massive savings when it slashes them down in the Christmas sales?

Is a new price cut on the horizon, but first shake out the Christmas present buying parents and grannies?

Be interesting to see what happens next...

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