Thursday, November 12, 2015

Slick new Japanese Vita Dragon Quest Builders bundle

Likely to be the best Vita seller in 2016, Dragon Quest Builders could get the handheld off to a rocket start for the year, hitting Japanese stores in January.

That'll be helped by this executive-grade new bundle offering a sublime Metal Slime grey Vita, on which the black standouts actually look pretty excellent. There's a neat metal slime decal, a slime headphone plug-in, all wrapped up in a superb box with a physical copy of the likely to be massive Dragon Quest Builders game.

It will be a limited edition, so move quick if you want an import, 25,980 yen is around £140, wow! The rest of us can just sigh at its magnificence, and pray someone at Sony or Square thinks - hey, this could sell in the west! 

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