Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kickstarter games news round-up, Strength of the Sword, Grisaia, Slain and Timespinner

The Kickstarter list continues to look healthy despite the odd setback, as you'd expect with the vagaries of crowd funding and smaller developers taking on large challenges. Rather than a bunch of individual posts, here's a quick round-up of the latest from some projects I'm interested in.

First up is Strength of the Sword Ultimate who have a new character animation to show off as progress continues on the game. Check out the recent KS post for all the new weapons and gear.

Less fun news from Sekai who announce a delay in translating The Grisaia Trilogy, and that they are waiting for the first game to be approved for Vita by Sony, considering it has a mature rating before announcing the sequels.

Slain is up and running on the Vita in all its pixelly gorgeousness, with the developers still aiming for a March 2016 release.

Another pixel-heavy Vita KS is Timespinner, YABM (yet another bloody Metroidvania) with development coming along and looking pretty sweet.

Finally, in this round-up, the flasgship for current big-budget KS games coming to the Vita, Mighty No. 9 now has a proper website, The portable version will land sometime in 2016, after the February PC release.

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