Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Don't get the bird with Red Game

If Limbo took to the skies perhaps that would hint at Red Game (without a great name) from Poland's ifun4all. This port of an iOS puzzler arcade game sees your electro-mechanical budgie trying to deliver messages from its strange creator. The developer's previous effort was the rather less subtle DieDieDie.

The world it flies in seems perilous and mysterious, lets just hope there's some charming redemption at the end to help soothe the many deaths your character will doubtless have to suffer. The game has some 60 levels, a range of power ups and what looks like plenty of tricky timing challenges. Red Game is out next month on PSN.

The company's next game, Blind n Bluff is all about fear of the dark, no formats attached yet, but looks like another cool twist.

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