Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sony's Paris Games Week event, boobs or bust?

With even major game sites like VG24/7 calling it "a PS4 press conference" it looks like everyone outside of our jolly little band has now forgotten the PS Vita exists.

So, without getting expectations up, will Sony try and generate interest with a boob-fest? Imagine throwing the collective cleavage of Senran Kagura, Uppers, Criminal Girls and so on at a stunned audience!

Realistically, with just five days to go, there's no reason at all to get excited, but you can still watch the show here or on Twitch. Since Sony doesn't even bother touting Vita as a Remote Play device these days, seriously, don't expect a bean - especially as the PS4 just got an EU price cut with not even a slight trim in memory card prices for those of suffering with huge digital collections.

Even the 2DS has enjoyed a nice trim to tempt seasonal shoppers, but Sony's focus seems purely on PS4. Even if it had designed and built a PS Vita HD upgrade in the labs, I doubt it would get a western release now. But, hey, is it too much to ask for a quick sizzle reel and a few euros off memory cards?

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