Thursday, September 17, 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2 patched

While the developers keep quiet about their involvement in the project and Sony talks to no one about the game's existence (no reviews beyond the Vita sites that I've noticed). It is left to Gio Corsi to quietly announce a patch on Twitter. Even this is confused, he calls it the first patch, but I thought this one came out on launch day.

The new 900MB update includes the usual fixes, plus:
  • Polar Bear Lottie Costume for Raid Mode character Cipher. 
  • Jessica costume for Raid Mode Character Gina. 
  • Ad Hoc Raid Mode Fixed friend invitation in Raid Mode. 
  • Added support for additional buttons on a paired wireless controller. 
  • Adjusted the brightness setting for a better horror experience.
Hopefully Frima will still be on tidy up duty for a while longer to keep tweaking away and improving the experience. Haven't picked the game up yet, not that there's any hurry as this is probably the last title Sony is bringing to the Vita given no new Japan Studio games were announced at TGS!

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