Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New colour Vita models the start of something beautiful?

Sony is releasing its usual refresh of Vita colour models, with an orange, blue and white edition in Japan, releasing in a couple of weeks. The Aqua Blue model is even creeping out of Japan and landing in America with a GameStop exclusive for November for the usual $199.
Perhaps other colours will go to other stores? However, this is all nothing without some new games, marketing, or development effort. So, is this the start of a Sony push for the second age of Vita? Or just the usual minimal effort revamp or a revamp.

In announcing this, Sony's PlayStation Twitter account was instantly flooded with requests for SD card and HD out support, plus a return to OLED screens - all things the Vita could do at the drop of a hat, to help make it more user-friendly. Still, we can dream, right.

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