Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dead of Day is a zombie Kickstarter RPG

The Kickstarter treadmill is starting to get back into action after the summer off and here comes Dead of Day from Trebuchet Games. It sounds like a brilliant concept, using FTL's Dungeon Master template and throwing in virus-laden zombies against a patchy bunch of survivors.

However, I wouldn't be too excited, just yet, about that Vita stretch goal. A few questions pop up immediately.

Can you use the name "Dead of Day" for a zombie game without George Romero's lawyers getting slightly miffed? Especially when I've already typed Day of the Dead about five times!

Is a £10K PC base goal and then a £100K Vita stretch realistic, considering their line of:
At £100,000 we will make a Vita version of the game. It requires us to do big changes to the graphics and code to make this work but we think it'll be awesome.
To make the game work on VITA we would need to do some graphic rework, but the majority of the cost to us would be from the fact that the software tools we are using doesn't create Vita games natively, so we would have to get a programmer to convert it for us. Unfortunately this is not cheap
Given that logic, I (lazily sitting here on my unambitious ass) wouldn't have added the Vita goal to their Kickstarter, but made it a different project once the PC/Mac version is complete. It does sound like a lot of work for the modest Vita market.

Finally, you'd better be seriously good if you're comparing your game to Dungeon Master, one of the finest 16-bit titles ever made. Dead of Day had better be top notch.

That said, good luck to Trebuchet, and I hope Kickstarter helps make their dream game a success. See all the other Kickstarter projects for Vita in action.

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