Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PlayStation Plus prices progress purposefully

As in there's a price rise on the way for UK PSN PlayStation Plus users. If you pay month by month, which I'm reduced to at the moment, being skint, then its only 50p a month, going up to £5.99.

The three-month sub goes up from £11.99 to £14.99, while the top tier £39.99 annual price remains unchanged. Given the huge libraries of games many subscribers will have built up over the five years PlayStation Plus has been running, especially if you have multiple devices, then you can't really afford to drop off.

Even though the Vita line up each month is getting weaker and weaker, I guess most of us will be moving on to PS4 sooner or later. And, if you were picking up the games for all formats as you went, then you should already have a nice pile for Sony's new hero.

PS4 users also get to vote for one game to join the PS+ roster each month, which could make the service more valuable to them, but its unlikely and rock star games will turn up in that list.

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