Monday, August 17, 2015

Great PS4 Star Wars bundle, but no Vita Remote Play bundle?

By my count there are at least 10 Star Wars games playable on the Vita. From the PSP Battlefront and Clone Wars titles, to the collections of Zen Pinball Tables and the LEGO Star Wars games, representing a huge amount of gaming.

And, yet, Sony is quite happy to chuck out a PS4 Star Wars bundle with four old games on it, plus the new Battlefront, while failing to tie in one of the biggest brands in gaming and pop culture on its portable. Despite the launch of the new movie and all the free advertising it brings.

Fair enough, this is probably the unit that will get me, and many others, to upgrade my PS3 to a PS4 this winter. But it pains me to know Sony is leaving the Vita to drift alone in a sea of uncaring corporate attitude.

Especially as the handheld is still on the shelves, and it costs Sony about 7p to do a new box wrapper and add some digital download vouchers printed on plain paper, is there really any harm in trying to keep it relevant, even as a Remote Play device for the PS4 game?

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