Monday, August 3, 2015

Exist Archive first trailer - in full English

Spike and Tri-Ace have shown off a first look at Exist Archive: the Other Side of the Sky and there's one clear feature worth noting. Outside the opening and descriptive text, everything is in English, which could make a western move pretty easy.

As for the game, we've got some 2D/3D side scrolling adventuring action and a spot of 3D RPG battling. With a host of impressive looking characters, replete with cyber wings and big weapons, there's stylish visuals and a high level of gloss. This could easily be the Vita/PS4's next big original hit in Japan.


  1. So nice ! tri ace is on fire !
    Love that we can play different characters in dungeon !

  2. Also the purify weird soul attacks seems great
    Sending back heroes to earth would be a dillemma since we need them to progress in dungeons