Sunday, July 26, 2015

China opens up console sales across the nation

China's closed market was opened up to the new consoles in Shanghai last year, but the country will now allow console sales across the nation. Presumably there will still be strict content controls, with the nation currently huge fans of morally-safe online role playing battle and fantasy games on PC.

To this end, Sony will be having another announcement, after its delayed and limited launch last year of PS4 and Vita in China. That's at the ChinaJoy trade show next week, although with the limit on what types of games can be played, and China's obsession with PC and mobile gaming, the joy of a billion plus more potential customers might be tempered by most of them not giving a hoot.

Unfortunately, with China's stock market fast going down the toilet, will the country's newly minted potential consumers soon be more worried about where their next meal is coming from, rather than silly little entertainment gadgets like these.

Nnooo's Blast 'Em Bunnies is one of the first western games to get a confirmed release over there.
“China is a relatively new market for PlayStation and we’re excited to be bringing Blast ‘Em Bunnies to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita there,” said Bruce Thomson, Business & Marketing Director at Nnooo. “It’s also new territory for us and we’re partnering with Shanghai-based publisher Circle Entertainment who know the market well."
That PR guff-speak at least shows how companies can positively partner with local companies to make an impact.

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