Thursday, June 25, 2015

EU PSN update adds J-Stars Victory Vs and Samurai Chonicles 3

This is a bit late, but so are Sony as the games aren't on-sale on PSN yet. Bandai's J-Stars Victory Vs for £29.99 and Tecmo's Samurai Chonicles 3 for £32.99 (plus a host of paid for DLC) are the games arriving on the store this week at  some point in the next day or two for the UK.

Note, you may need to search for them on PSN.

Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend from Arc System also lands, along with a bunch of the PSP titles in the series at £19.99. I've already dug around in the PSM section, while there's a return of the big in Japan sale with

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