Monday, April 20, 2015

PS Vita 3000 model spotted in Japan

I was looking at the 2000-model launch timing over the weekend, with all the action coming during September/October 2013, but Sony were obviously hard at work many months in advance. So it comes as little surprise that a Japanese trademark watcher has seen mention of a new Vita  model, with a brief sketch. That may only be indicative, so I wouldn't read too much into it, but hey, we're Vita owners, desperate for the slightest bit of good news from Sony, so crack on!.

ps vita 3000, pch-3000

There's no obvious differences in the design, which looks very like a Vita 1000, so it could just be placeholder with the 2000's round buttons and the placings all seem more or less the same. Is it a simple refresh made slightly lighter with new colours to boost sales among rabid Japanese gamers. There does appear to be a new port or cover on the side, so maybe there is a new feature to get excited about.

ps vita 2000
The Vita 2000 range, I always wanted the Lime one!

Hopefully a better quality LED screen will be part of the package, but if Sony is aiming for really cheap, it could add something really nasty (in comparison terms) in there just to keep the cost down, while still selling the 2000 as a 'premium' model.

It still has a front camera, for no good reason, and could they be second triggers that you'd press with the outside of your little fingers at the bottom, or are they just the existing indents and case mounts? I guess my wait for the PlayStation 4 Portable remote play device goes on. Any chance of a new port on the top, perhaps a TV-out connection to make it more the PlayStation (Vita) TV which has died on its arse even in Japan, now selling only 500 a week?

Anyone taking bets that the internals might get an upgrade a la the new 3DS LL model? The Vita is seriously old in tech terms compared to smartphones, and even a modest bump could give Japanese developers some more interest, along with the recent freeing up of some extra memory.

Guess they could make the damn thing out of gold and give it away with Happy Meals, and it would still see no interest in the west. At least there's no sign of them trying the PSP-Go design again, now they presumably have the thermal issues under control. That's if they even try to sell a new model outside Asia!

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