Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Danganronpa shifts 200K in the west

You know that 'Vita is dead' thing that keeps going round forums. Put that on hold for a minute as NIS America has revealed that the pair of Danganronpa games has shifted 200,000 copies in the west between them. Think about that, a mad tale of a psychotic murdering bear which is barely interactive and with some highly questionable concepts at its heart. If they can sell 100K each, then why can't a modestly ambitious western title?

The good news is that NIS America plans to concentrate on bringing more visual novels our way, probably not all for the Vita, but at least we should get some out of their efforts. We've also got the likes of Steins;Gate and Code: Realize coming west, making the Vita the top machine for visual  novel fans.

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