Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Flame Over fire-fighting tips

There are plenty of tips on the loading screen of Laughing Jackal's Flame Over (review), press X to cycle through them. But there's more to this game than the developers are giving away, and I won't repeat their advice. If you're struggling, then keep these in mind as your peg it around the level.

Update: Hello to everyone new to Flame Over thanks to PlayStation Plus and the PS4 version. I assume the games are more or less identical, so my tips should hold water. However, I see the PS4 version has extra rooms, secrets and mechanics - sorry I can't help with those!

  • Focus on three things. First the electrical switch, make a beeline for it and flip it. Then Miss Ion or the shop (they rotate across levels). Do the mission first for two minutes of added time, or get what you can afford from the shop, especially time or lives. Finally, rescue people and cats as you put out the rest of the blaze.
  • You can't spend money until you get tokens, so repeat level one a few times to do Miss Ion's bidding and then build up Blaze's powers. 
  • If you can't afford something vital, like the defibrillator, in the shop, and have the time to spare, find a large room. Almost clear the fire, let it grow again and repeat until you have enough cash. 
  • You don't have to leave a room to cool down the heat meter, a quiet corner will have the same result, so you can get back into action a little quicker. 
  • You can find the items Miss Ion needs before accepting some missions. So, search along the areas as you go, and when you bump into her, you can take her straight to the exit, saving and earning time. 
  • Save your water bombs for rooms with people in, lobbing them can save lives and make it easier to extract the workers and cats to safety. 
  • Time stops when looking at the map, but not at the shop or when you return to the start point. 

  • Don't worry about the clock, you're going to die lots anyway, and when it hits 0:00 you still have plenty of time, if you can avoid Death. When you explore the level look for any large room, should death come calling, head here and you can avoid him and double back to finish off any tasks. 
  • Don't bother too much with the camera in the early levels, but always hose down the corners behind Blaze as you enter a room. When you have a second, then pan around to check for hot spots. 
  • Turn the music off in the Options menu (and the footsteps if you like), it can be distracting and makes playing in quiet mode makes it easier to hear people coughing in big rooms, and the different fire sounds that spell danger.

  • The Executive corridors are usually full of fire, remember to refill your water tank before diving into other rooms if you've just waded through a long passage. 
  • In the Labs, foam down the green chemical vents until the room lights up, indicating it is clear. Use water to clear green spills on the floor, as they sap your health, fast. 
  • Watch for vents on the floor and walls in The Labs, they can shoot surprise fireballs at you and easily kill off survivors. 
  • You can always go back to the shop, so keep on working if there's something you really want on sale. 
  • Make sure you really pressed the reload/follow button, perhaps my old Vita is getting a bit sticky-keyed, but several times I thought I'd pressed it, only to run off without water or the person.
  • Finally, the last levels are rock hard, it is worth starting at the beginning to build up your lives and equipment so you can battle through them more effectively. 


  1. I'm enjoying the game, but one thing I'm unsure about is how you locate the red briefcase? I have stumbled across it spinning but I never seem to see it when I'm looking for it. I notice that you can search some things, but I haven't figured out how to tell what you can search - most things don't seem to be searchable. Was I accidentally searching and finding the briefcase?

    1. It can be anywhere in the furniture, make sure you run around each room methodically to see if the Search hint appears.

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  3. The red bag is hidden in a specific room each time. Miss Ion will tell you the kind of room so pay attention to the kinds of furniture in the room so can tell what sort of room it is. It'll massively reduce your search time! So if she says a reception room look for sofas, a welcome desk, etc... ;)

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