Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sony Japan's Panopticon event to drop some Freedom Wars news

Stand by your cell! Sony is having a big Freedom Wars (review) fan "Sinners Festival" event in Japan this weekend, and will make some announcement or other about its big Abductor hunting game. The event has a big players tournament with the news coming during the final, not sure if it'll be on a Nico Nico broadcast.

Will it be more content, news of a semi-sequel or perhaps a PS4 version with some proper levels? To be honest the game is kind of dragging for me as I aim to get my sentence down to 500,000 for the Gold Trophy, so I won't be too impressed if they just throw in another bunch of missions in similar levels with similar Abductors using similar tactics.

UPDATE: Turns out it was just the competition winners for various Sony lotteries and other contests, so much ado about nothing. Not that anyone was expecting much, cough! At one of the panel discussions, it was mentioned that some of the songs from the game might get a release.

However, if Sony has something really new to show, perhaps some all new Panopticons with new terrors to unleash, then I'll be impressed. Ahead of the event Sony has put up a new Freedom Wars theme on the Japanese PSN to help keep the game in front of people's eyes.

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