Friday, January 23, 2015

Sony 10% PSN discount code goes live, delays forecast

Like it or leave it, I guess! Sony's "we're not very sorry" apology of a 10% discount due to the Christmas outage on PSN is live (excluding pre-orders, movies, etc). Here's a list of all the country codes, gamers in the UK can use T6R3KB529K. PlayStation Plus users also get an extra five days on their account. Party on, Wayne!

The discount runs from now until 9AM Monday morning (hands up, who gets paid Monday morning?), and will work with existing sale items. Note, you need to use the code on the PC webstore, it doesn't work on the Vita's own PSN app.

In related news, Sony will delay its next corporate figures due to the hack (any excuse to bury bad news I guess). Since everything at Sony is down the toilet except the PS4, I guess things will be even worse than expected. The company will have a conference on 4th Feb to discuss its forecasts, but there will be no hard numbers until the end of March.

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