Friday, January 30, 2015

Seasons After Fall snags a publisher

Now dated for 2016, Seasons After Fall made quite an impression at Gamescom and Tokyo Games Show last year. The indie title being developed by Swing Swing Submarine has now picked up a publisher in the form of Focus and is TBA for consoles, hitting the PC first. Just hoping a Vita version will still be viable in 2016, will pop it on the release list just in case!

Seasons After Fall encourages the player to explore a gorgeous 2D graphical world, accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack recorded by a live string quartet.
In this magical world, you are a wild fox embarked upon a perilous adventure, with mystical powers that allow you to manipulate the life of the forest through dynamically changing the seasons. Powers that allow you to modify the environment by summoning one of the four seasons, whenever and wherever you want.
Changing the seasons will modify organic platforming elements that will move or expand based on which season you switch to, altering your relationship with the game and its characters. Summon Winter to freeze a waterfall to pass, or call for Spring to make plants and flowers bloom, guiding you to previously inaccessible zones.
Travel across forests, rivers and caves, and manipulate an ecosystem that is as uncanny as it is marvelous to unveil the secrets of this world, reunite the Four Guardians of Seasons and restore order in the Forest.

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