Thursday, January 22, 2015

PlayStation TV launching in India soon

I have no idea what the Vita user base is in India, but I'd suspect its not massive. Still, that could get a boost with the budget micro console arriving on Indian shelves as Sony continues to push the unloved pup around the global market in search of a taker.

Amazon India is listing the price of the PlayStation TV, DS3 and 8GB card at 12,990 rupees (a rather steep £139), with Killzone and three indies thrown in as download vouchers (still a better gaming deal than the UK got).

Will that see any buyers? Orders are limited to one per customer, but I can't imagine there's going to be much of a rush. It sounds like a decent bundle but I'll ask around any Indian gaming sites to see if there's much interest.

I have no idea if they export, but the cheapest place to find a PS TV seems to be Singapore with them retailing at S$109 on Qishan, that's just £53. Even with some postage, that could be a great deal!

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