Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Y2K RPG to bug the Vita

Having wowed the indie scene with their Gameboy-inspired RPG Two Brothers, AckkStudios is now working on a slightly more modern RPG, dragging themselves all the way up to the year 2000. Read the dev log for the latest information, and Sony will bring it to the PlayStation Experience event in December on PS4 and Vita.

Since the Vita is now dead to major games looks like inspired retro is the way to go, and this has some hallmarks of LucasArts adventures blended with some turn-based RPG action. But indie doesn't mean small on content, the game has a 400 page script and an impressive visual style.

Based around the infamous Y2K code bug, it tips the characters into strange new realms called Soul Space with a special grinding dungeon to help characters level up, without running through the same old levels.

It definitely sounds inventive and, if the combat and story are compelling enough, should be a fine addition to the Vita's indie roster. With this and Blackhole on the way, guess Sci-Fi fans are all set for the next few months.

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