Monday, November 10, 2014

Will Assassin's Creed Rising Phoenix rise again?

Funny one this, there's a screenshot from Assassin's Creed Rogue popped up on obscure Japanese and Brazilian blogs over the weekend, showing off a "Coming Soon" tab on a Rising Phoenix poster. That was supposed to be a Vita game, accidentally revealed some 18 months ago, then pretty much canned.

Note that both Liberation and Rogue came from Ubisoft Sofia, who were the most likely candidates to develop Rising Phoenix. So, are they blowing off the dust on the Vita version, or are they reusing those assets for another platform? I can't see a Vita game on the cards personally, but it'd be pretty cool to see, given that Liberation got a HD remake on PS3. If not the Vita what do you think its for?

Or, is the Sofia studio just reminding its masters that it has potential projects in the pipe to avoid being shut down like so many other developers? Or is it a "funny" joke from the coders who wasted who knows how much time on the project?

UPDATE: Apparently the original pics were hoaxes, so this could well be Ubisoft's little joke... just another kick to the fragile hearts of the few million remaining Vita owners. Guess I should remove it from the TBA release list. And probably stop doing this blog since there's clearly never any major releases, ever.

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