Monday, November 3, 2014

Review: Don't Die, Mr Robot

The Vita has been on a run with quirky fun arcade games recently, add Don't Die Mr Robot (formerly Avoid Droid) to the likes of Pix the Cat and Futuridium. The aim of the PlayStation Vita release is simple enough, guide Mr Robot around to dodge the nasties that come in from the edge of a level, then grab the fruit when they appear to create a ring of death to wipe them out, and create chains of fruity destruction.

With various modes, you can play this game for kicks, for high scores, or just to relax with an ambient soundtrack in chill out mode. In the main modes things get hectic pretty quickly and surviving for more than a few minutes is an act of skill, making this a great short-burst game to enjoy.

Alongside Arcade Mode are Remix and Time Attack modes to extend the fun a little. With a gorgeous clean design, hypnotic visuals and plenty of smirk inducing enemies (and hats), there's lots to love. It does feel a little unfair at first, requiring pixel-level accuracy as you try to thread Mr Robot's way though the rows and lines of enemies, until you realize the closer you get to enemies the more points you get with a graze bonus.

Even with laser beams limiting your options, snakes hunting you down and other nasties, its perhaps not quite as intense as Pix the Cat. However, this is still worth picking up for a quick blast and can be horribly addictive. It is also PlayStation TV compatible if you want to blast it on your big-screen.

Score: 7/10
Dev: Infinite State
Progress: Panicked and ran away
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