Friday, November 14, 2014

PlayStation TV gets price cuts in America

The PlayStation TV and the LEGO Movie bundle have both had price cuts on Amazon's US site. Down to $99 for the game, 8 GB card, DualShock 3 controller and PS TV unit, or just $79 for the unit, which seems rather a false economy.

That's only £50 for the core unit or £63 for the bundle so if you have a friend/relative or someone who can import it for you, UK gamers would save a fortune!

No idea if this is part of a seasonal sale, or Black Friday deals, or Sony just trying to shift some stock. No chance of this in Europe where the device has only just launched at £84, to absolutely no marketing or effort on Sony's part. I do love that if you search for PlayStation TV in the Vita section of Amazon UK you get nothing but Japanese imports, the official model is firmly linked to the PS4 section.

Will see if price cuts appear anywhere else. Of course, while the Vita only has the 3DS to worry about, the PS TV is fighting a whole host of new micro consoles and TV gadgets.

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