Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vita news roundup from #TGS2014

Okay time to try and dig out some new Vita gems from the chaos of Tokyo Game Show 2014. I've already put the new God Eater trailer up, with a bit of anime to go with the earlier stuff shown at Sony's pre-event event. A lot of the trailers are identical to the pre-event show (how many times will Sega flog that PS Nova trailer?), so I'll ignore them, but will update this page as new things appear.

A new game, to me, for Vita and iOS is Zodiac from French team Kobojo, with the help of some former Final Fantasy folk.  A fantasy combat MMO, Famitsu has a bunch of pics, but I can't find a video. With gorgeous 2D hand-drawn visuals, it seems pretty smart. Trying to track down more information.

Back with the majors, Sega is showing off an impressive new trailer for the free-to-play World's End Eclipse, it looks impressive, but if there's a world of freemium RPGs coming to the Vita, then sales/IAPs will be low across all of them unless there's a clear winner.

Konami has popped up a new trailer for PS3/Vita Powerful Pro Baseball, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Hope the developer team has refreshed over time because I'd be pretty down if 20 years of my live was drawing those rotund little smiley faces.

Square has confirmed Final Fantasy Agito for the Vita, with a Plus at the end to signify a step up from the mobile version, but no sign of Type-0 again! Agito launches in Japan on 15 January 2015, with some extras in the retail version.

Agito consists of the six chapters of the mobile version (which started life as a PSP project alongside Type-0). Rather like Waking Dead, decisions made along the road affect later chapters.

Square is also bringing Rise of Mana to the Vita, an update to the iOS free-to-play game. It looks a bit more of a traditional role-player, but brings the lumbering spectre of in-app purchases to the series. In mana, good and evil characters share the same body and must switch roles to advance their situation.

Deemo, I caught the name at Sony's last show, but know nothing about the game from Rayark. Love the tone of the trailer, even if the clip doesn't give too much away aside from some rhythm action going on.

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