Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sony's news from its Saturday TGS event

Don't cross the streams on Niconico... its holding up for now, but your mileage may vary (alternatively, try here, thanks @Jonforeverto) to be honest I haven't a clue what's happening. If I see any news, I'll post it, but these mad - al fresco - Japanese events could go on for days...

Latest news at the top!


Is Sony trolling gamers, are we grabbing onto straws in the hope of something new and exciting? Is there another Sony liferaft event later on to cling on to? On the plus side Hell Divers looks damn cool!

UPDATE: All a Gematsu cockup (and everyone else, including me who didn't check properly).

@yosp is now having a bit of a chat, sounds strategic.

My pizza was feta and roasted peppers, thanks for asking! Begging for Shenmue continues...

Now some Helldivers on PS4, but it is coming to Vita. Just looking at that, realise how much I've missed playing a good old RTS. Total Annihilation, Red Alert and Homeworld all come flooding back to mind.

Why is that girl giggling? This is serious gaming!

So far, the big news from TGS has been Pirate Warriors 3 and Sword Art Online 3. Surely Sony has something to top threequels!

I have no idea when comments are enabled on these feeds, its a sordid display of begging and abuse.

While they puzzle on, if you're inclined, or perpendicular, Famitsu has a gallery of the best cosplay ladies from TGS.

Back from Pizza run, now on LittleBigPlanet 3, Sony does know everyone is still talking about Snakes new dog in MGS right? Video quality perfect for this truly gorgeous looking game.

Games in the dark show up really well on low-res feeds!

Pretty sure I could nip out for fresh pizza and be back before these guys are done with this segment.

Now some creepiness on PS4. Until Dawn looks suitably spooky but I get the feeling I've played it all before.  

Now we have some sort of multi-player endless runner game.... Wonder if they're getting the LittleBigPlanet freebie game too? Definitely think I'd prefer MechRunner myself!

So far it looks like they're playing with PS4 camera tricks... its a crazy world of @yosp going on.

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