Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Freedom Wars pics show off a big nasty

Sony has popped out some screens for Freedom Wars, showing off a couple of the mechanoid beasties you'll face in battle. There were a few other shots, but a quick costume change and some untranslated text really don't make for gripping visuals.

Neither were there any helpful descriptions or explanations, so read what you will into the pics and be grateful you aren't on Sony's massively overstretched and clearly exhausted Vita PR team!

Seriously, this game is out in six weeks and Sony think they can just fart out some screens direct from old Japanese press packs, claim great coverage and that'll do? Where's the box art, those cool tee-shirts, some localied footage, anything to suggest Sony gives a damn?

Alongside Minecraft, this is the biggest Vita release of the year, right? Does it look like anyone at Sony cares or is attempting to better the Vita's situation? I'd hope to see some effort in the run up to release, a proper campaign, some social buzz, but as a start - this is an appallingly feeble effort! Oh, IGN has a 3 minute video preview, shouldn't that have been part of a proper press pack?

The lack of effort does show, I've seen a few smaller Vita sites run these pics, but none of the major sites seem to have bothered - it really is as if Sony PR has given up trying. As much as I'd love to be proved wrong, there's no sign of that perception changing. 

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