Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get ready for the Mother of all Batteries

Bit of an odd one this, but we've all got multiple devices that probably need charging at odd times. So, the Mother of all Batteries will store enough power to charge four things at once. The unit itself is the size of a tablet, 9.9" at most, weighing 1.5lbs, so easy enough to carry around on long road trips.

I'm not too sure why they've picked a PSP, a very old iPad, iPhone and iPod as marketing, but there you go - I did have to check it was a new video  - just imagine a Vita or a bent iPhone 6 Plus in its place.

If you're interested, more here! At $199, its a lot more than those diddy power packs you can get off Amazon, but should help the serious gadget head out in times of need.

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