Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Amazon Fire TV threatens PlayStation TV before launch

Sony's little box has taken so long to emerge in the west that its been overtaken by numerous dinky game-playing, TV-viewing little boxes from rivals. The latest is the Amazon Fire TV which plays all the popular media streaming services (unlike the Vita whose app scene has died on its arse). It also plays Android games and will be available a few weeks before the PlayStation TV.

Prime subscribers can also pick it up for only £49, making it a lot cheaper than the PS TV, although the basic price is only a little less and buyers will need to pay extra for the Amazon Fire controller. So, throw another spanner in the PlayStation TV's works, devices like this and the many other rivals make it seem like just another Remote Play tool, since there won't be any big new Vita games to market it as a Vita TV device with.

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