Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sony's Gamescom's Vita underload

Okay, Gamescom has come and gone as far as the world is concerned, the big press show where Sony shows off its big guns came out not even firing blanks for Vita owners. SONY HAS NO AMMO. If you're looking for bodies among that wreckage, the company announced that Tearaway is coming to the PS4 (which is good as Media Molecule's game deserves a wider audience) and Mike Bithell's (he did mention the Vita, but I guess that was his rebellious nature) Volume is coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015.

Sony is now saying 'go on the show floor and look for indies', like Papers Please which is coming to the Vita and new shooter In Space We Brawl, but only journalists and a few intrepid gamers see that floor. The rest of the world is moving on and there's no Vita in it for them. The Gamescom press event was Sony's big marketing push for the west and it failed to even nod in the direction of the Vita.

Well done Sony, another nail in the coffin, as the last dregs of good will evaporate. Expect all Sony's focus to be on PS4 forthcoming, and if the Vita still gets indies beyond this time next year, I'd be impressed. Hope you all like Japanese titles!


  1. I was sincerely researching online for a vita, but honestly I'm holding back.

    It's the games that make the system...sigh

  2. Its time for you to recognise it: Ive been waiting 2 years from now to see something blowing up. Its time to accept it: Ps Vita is dead, and Sony, certificated the defunction today as we are 12/08/14. Six years of my life wasted since first 2008 rumors of a PSP2 that ends with a kick in the balls so hard, that I will be expending my money in something more useful, like a normal smartphone (mine is LG 3,4" inches terrible).

    Ill keep looking over here, since Ive been reading you for really really long... But my patient is over. Vita is dead, and know, please, Scene crackers, just make a god damn CFW for it, you would be giving Sony a favor for real.

  3. i hope gravity rush 2 will not go the ps4 or whenever