Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sony Japan schedules big September 1 press event

Tokyo Games Show isn't starting until September 18, so what will Sony be waving at the world from this event? There's an event page here, so the company clearly has plenty of news to impart. But what would it want to get off from its chest just weeks before Asia's biggest gaming event? Will it announce Vita stuff to clear TGS for a big PS4 push, which Japan needs, or do things the other way around, given the Vita's success in Japan.

Interesting for sure, did it do this last year? There was an event recapping all the PlayStation 4 news for Japan, but since it launched later for them, I guess they wanted to get that out the way before TGS, or it could be a way to showcase Sony's indie push to Japan before all the big games news. Let me dig into the archives and see what history there is on this.

If it follows the western theme, don't expect much Vita-ness, as that could all be left for TGS. Still, would be nice if Sony's Saving PS Vita plan get some bones to it. Anyone else think that having ditched the Vita online Invitation/Direct events, and PlayStation Meeting, perhaps its time Sony should follow Nintendo with smaller monthly events? Anyway, set your alarm clock, that's 7AM UK time, 2AM EST etc...

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