Friday, August 8, 2014

Retro adventure Station goes live on Kickstarter

Already backed this, and so should you if you have fond memories of 16-bit adventures. Set deep in the Arctic Ocean, not far from the North Pole, a survey crew is hard at work in the quest for resources. The work is hard and dangerous, and the people who do it have become hard and dangerous themselves.

Some of the crewmembers are working off parole contracts. Others are in search for some easy money and will do anything to make a buck. The rest just have nothing to lose. And all the while the management of ARC is mired in an internecine power struggle. During this routine survey mission a bizarre event takes place that causes the crewmembers to go insane and start killing each other.... yay! Anyone remember Sphere? Sounds like that but with roughnecks instead of scientists.

The game has a Vita stretch goal of $55K Canadian (around £30,000) so seems very reasonable. Check out the Kickstarter page, the game's page here, and other Vita crowdfunding efforts here.

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