Thursday, August 21, 2014

Play Freedom Wars listening to the CD, wearing the tee-shirt

Japanese Freedom Wars fans can now order a bunch of extra goodies to go along with their prison-sentence reducing gaming sessions. Since we're getting the boxed version over here in October, any chance of these following it across the world?

I do rather like the tee-shirt (2,700 yen)! If you fancy importing them, I'm sure its possible, currently available on Ebten, which I think accepts all cards. The CD (2,000 yen) is "Politburo Culture Promotion Committee approved!" so has to be good, right?

The tracklist includes such political whimsies (via auto-translate) as:

1: Imprisonment of Koi for 1,000,000 years
2: First Panopticon Labor Song
3: Nananana
4: Thorns Lullaby
5: Imprisonment of love -Instrumental- 1,000,000 years
6: Panopticon Labor song first -Instrumental-
7: Nananana -Instrumental-
8: Thorns Lullaby -Instrumental-

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