Monday, August 18, 2014

Japan buys into horror with Shin Hayarigami

More catching up, Lost Dimension managed to sell a mere 3,868 copies on launch last week in Japan, barely denting the Media Create chart. I think this was due to all the marketing videos looking identical and generating all the excitement of a dazed housefly. Making a slightly better impression was the horror game Shin Hayarigami, selling 12,500.

That hardly helped Vita sales which remained firm at 18,400, just a nudge down on last week. But, if Japan really loves its Monster Hunter, then things should be more exciting this week as Frontier G is now on sale over there.

Retail chain Tsutuya currently sees it in at No. 8 behind a host of big 3DS games and Hyrule Warriors, which suggests it won't be doing monster numbers, but we'll see on Wednesday. On the plus side, the game recently celebrated 4.5 million players, which - if only 10% of them fancy trying the Vita version, would easily make it the platform's best seller!

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